Rangoli – Color up this Festive Season

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Rangoli – Color up this Festive Season

With Navratri and Diwali festivals knocking at our doors and signaling the on-coming of all the relatives and family members coming over and marveling our housekeeping abilities and aesthetic sense. The floor is one thing everyone notices and brightly painted and artfully done Rangoli designs will not only heighten the festive mood but also, beauty of the home.

Rangoli and its different forms:

In North and West India, Rangoli is made with many colors and this trend is the most popular in major parts of the country during Navratri and Diwali festivals. In East India, it is known as Alpana, which is done predominantly with white paint by designing floral and patterns on the floor during Durga and then Lakshmi puja. In South India, we have Kolam, which is done with Muggu or some time with rice flour. This is considered very auspicious. Straight geometric lines and even sketches of Gods and Goddesses are made with rice flour on the floor. Similarly, flower petals are used to create Pookalams in Kerala during Onam, which has also gained popularity worldwide.

Create a Rangoli now!

Simply think of a very innovative design on the floor or on boards or trays or even in water. Try using natural colors like Turmeric and leaves and sindoor to stand out. However, if you wish to do something with wet paints, you can trace simple and small patterns on floor first and then paint the outer borders with white and then filling the insides of the designs with color paints or powders. In Diwali or Navratri, Rangoli designs are rounded off with oil lamps. In the dark of the nights, these oil lamps accentuate the colors of Rangoli.
Rangoli decoration at home has become a world famous art form.

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