Rangoli – The Traditional Indian Art

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Rangoli – The Traditional Indian Art

An Introduction:

When the festive season sets in India, people become doubly busier, working on the sweets and preparation for many Pujas and Prayers. The festive season is the time, which everyone looks forward. From the small nuclear families to humongous joint families, everyone has something to cherish in these months of September through November, every year. Children love this time for new clothes and loads of cash gifts that elders give them. The women and men love this time for meeting families and relatives.

Hence, this becomes a time when that small colorful, artistic design catches as much attention. That is the Rangoli, which has a history spanning generations and is considered holy and at times very artistic too. Rangoli is a folk art, designed by the women of the house and nowadays even by few men in the front of the main door or at times in the center of the living room or in the room where Navratri or Diwali’s Lakshmi Ganpati puja is going on.

Styles and Purpose of Rangoli:

As this art form is a traditional art form done mainly by Indian women across the country, the styles of this Rangoli art is as varied as the elements and purpose attached to it. In the Northern and western India, Navratri and Diwali festivals are incomplete without a dash of color in the homes. From painting their home with fresh colors to simply making the most beautiful Rangoli designs on the floor using powder colors, everything is done to make the home a place to be.

The main purpose of making Rangoli in vivid colors is for purification and through that achieving prosperity. Whatever be the reason, the art of Rangoli in whichever name you call, is nonetheless one to continue through generations to come.

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