Ways to Make Rangoli

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Ways to Make Rangoli

A person visiting India during the festive season will be able to see unmistakable signs of colors and lights and sounds throughout the country at this time. Apart from the customary hugs and exchange of gifts, new clothes and sweets being tasted alike, Rangoli and other art forms also get a view during this time.

What is Rangoli?

Rangoli is a very popular art form in the country and almost everywhere, you can see different forms of Rangoli being painted or created as innovatively as ever. Seen as a sign of prosperity, Rangoli is made of white color base.

Usually, this art is done on the floor in front of the house and sometimes in the middle of the front room. Typically made with colors or Rang, Rangoli is very bright and colorful.

Ways to make Rangoli:

Search through the magazines and Internet for the designs for Rangoli, copy it on a paper, and trace it on the floor using chalk. Then choose colors wisely and sprinkle on the floor. Let us see how many other ways we can create Rangoli this year in our homes:

• Wet Rangoli is made by giving a white outline with white paint on the floor and then filling the other parts with either dry or wet paints.
• Dry Rangoli can be created by taking pinches of color and fill up on the patterns done on the floor.
• Geometric Kolams are considered holy and done in many states in South India was traditionally done with rice flour in front of the main door so that the birds could eat the rice flour. The patterns are either straight lines or circles with flower motifs on the corners.
With people trying out charcoal, flower petals, water and different color sands, the art of Rangoli has gone from strength to strength.

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